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Web Consulting

One of our key business services is Website Consulting. Our web consulting services are typically the first step in bringing forth your business goals in a concise manner to your online presence.


Security Audit

In order to protect your website, we check its resistance to attacks. This is a combination of comprehensive vulnerability detection tests being run on the company’s web assets like web servers, E-mail servers, data centers, any third party applications running on the servers.

High-load Development

We know how to handle millions of hit daily serving pages blazing fast

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What else we provide?

Development Process

We’ve kept it simple, with an emphasis on on-going communication and long-term value. We deal in realistic projects delivered to the letter and to the minute. At the same time, the level of skill our talented developers offer ensures outstanding functionality, flexibility and big possibilities.

Version control

Using GitHub, the most trusted open source code repository site, we employ the Git revision control system – keeping complete records at every stage of the development process. No mistakes, no irreparable changes, just complete documentation of your whole web development project.

Quality assurance

We perform rigorous tests across your whole site, checking every link and ensuring the quality of every aspect of user experience. We debug, fix, retest and ensure functionality – resulting in a slick, fault-free project, delivered to the highest standard. Once developed, a client’s web project will be passed over to our Quality Assurance Team. Every QA Area is thoroughly checked, each browser is fully checked for discrepancies, and a full QA Report is made. Any errors found are fixed by our Development team, and to ensure our projects are of the highest quality

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What our clients say

Our experience has been exceptional. They are Hardcore Professionals who delivered our orders not only on time but did much more than our expectations.

TS Marketing

They understood our needs and went ahead doing exactly what we wanted. Their flexibility and adaptability is above par.

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